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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Arrow Season 1 Episode 4: An Innocent Man

With each episode of Arrow getting better and better every week, this newest TV series from The CW is fast becoming a worldwide favorite and Oliver Queen is also becoming the viewer’s favorite Thursday night television buddy. Stephen Amell might be in great appreciation of the positive response coming from all over the world. I personally was able to watch all the three episodes of Arrow for its first season and I have nothing but praise for the network and for the stars of this show for making it so awesome! And I mean it in every sense of the word. Now if a friend asks me what
keeps me excited for next week, I would undoubtedly say “the fact that I can watch Arrow season 1 episode 4”.
Well, speaking about the fourth and upcoming episode of Arrow, starring of course The Most Gorgeous Man in the World Stephen Amell (okay take note of that title first.. THE MOST GORGEOUS MAN IN THE WORLD). The 4th episode of Arrow for its 1st season will air next week, October 31, 2012 with “An Innocent Man” as its episode title, here is what’s going to take place on Arrow season 1 episode 4 An Innocent Man. Oliver’s attention will be divided in two different matters, first is on how he would get back into Laurel’s life and second would be on a suspicious murder case which involves an innocent man named Peter Declan.
Geez, I honestly have a crush on Stephen Amell but unlike other fans out there, I am not jealous when I get to watch an episode of Arrow where there are sweet scenes between Oliver and Laurel. I mean they look good together and if they happen to end up as lover in real life, I would be very happy for the two of them. Okay, so back on the real topic, Thea, Oliver’s baby sissy will provide him the inspiration he needs on how to enter Laurel’s distant life. While speaking about Laurel, the man on the green hood will show up onto her and ask her hand for…? hehe “HELP”.This is because Oliver thinks that Peter Declan is innocent of all the legal charges against him.Meanwhile, here is a scene from the Queen’s family circle, Walter found out that Moira made a $2.6 million withdrawal behind his knowledge and he will have it investigated with the help of Felicity Smoak, an IT specialist.
Those aren’t just the things you should or we should feel excited about but the confrontation between Oliver and his personal bodyguard Mr. Diggle. If you happen to watch the “Lone Gunman” episode of Arrow, Oliver let Mr. Diggle discover his other identity and this will lead to a confrontation between them on Arrow season 1 episode 4 Innocent Man. This is more exciting when you watch it so don’t forget to catch the fourth episode of Arrow next week as it airs. See y’all!

Arrow Season 1 Episode 4: An Innocent Man Preview

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